what is it?

The philosophers are still trying,
still striving to answer to
the age
question: What is a poem?

Sure, they figured what's the
meaning of life and other
metaphysical truths but

And what is not a poem?

a to-do list is a poem

the obituaries are poems

that curse word followed by
racial slurs scribbled on the
inside of the cabin, probably
with shit, is poetry

blood spilled writes poetry
just as well as does the one

a well landed punch is not weaker
poetry than one missing

to chew sand is to make poetry
and it's not lesser than chewing

to rip a piece of paper and
place it under your fingernail
and hold the finger above
a burning candle is to make

to fall from a tree and lay down
while being chewed by wild dogs
is to be poetic

to let death win without a fight
or to greet it with open arms
or to bully it into taking you
is to create a poem

and to remain silent when the world is
loud... Ah, not many can create such
poems but those who do make them

you're an alright poet if you can tie a
knot and you become a good poet
if you can turn the knot
into a noose and you grow to be
a great poet if you can put the noose
around your throat

luckily the world has some
great poets

but the world also has godlike poets

I wonder what they do

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