Those Without Sin

If this world has something
in abundance that'll be
people who offer solutions to
problems that don't exist

And to offer a solution to
a problem that doesn't exist
means to create the problem

computer viruses are created
by companies that develop
antivirus software
diseases are created by doctors
crime is created by police
ignorance is created by teachers
hate is created by spouses
famine is created by chefs
the milk man creates a lack of
calcium in the bones and dentists
create tooth decay and owners of
beauty parlors give birth to ugly children
and I'm not even gonna talk about 'em
priests, man.

Only the bums and the orphans and
the stray dogs and cats and the
rats in the sewers and the pigeons
that shit on cars and statues
are truly without sin

as long as the world has them
the world is going to be just fine

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