lewd drawings

The day she realized she hated her
brother was the day she went into his

until then she loved him,
everyone loved him
He was the family's artist, the prodigy
and he was damn good
and had some career ahead of him

"A rare talent," the
teachers said

And sure the teachers were right
but they didn't know about the
prodigy's secret stash of
lewd drawings featuring his little
sister and even his mother

they were skillfully laid across A4
pages divided in panels and some
even had speech bubbles and
what was written in those speech bubbles
made her burst out of the cursed room
and run into hers screaming
"Sick fuck sick fuck sick fuck fuck!"

The family dinner was never the

nothing was the same

And why she kept the secret,
she didn't know

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  1. Keeping secrets doesn’t always help n in such a case a sister may need to report this to the mother so as find an appropriate means of getting a brother to do away with such stuff.
    It’s an amazing post💚💚

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