kitten in the shoe

the room was cold
and there were
gray flowers
of dampness blooming
all over the walls
He took off
his shoes and
the shoes were the
warmest things in
the room so the kitten
climbed into one of them
He sat on the
mattress in the corner
and petted the cat
in the shoe
He smiled and said
to the kitten, "At least
I have no debts."
Even God agreed
with him. He winked through
the hole in the

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  1. I like all the poems I’ve seen so far. We used to have cats, but now our dog would probably try to eat it. She’s small, but she seems to have hunting instincts. My poems are on Facebook on the 365 Poems in 365 Days page. I also have published two books recently, The Sad Joy of Leaving and First, the Reflection. I waited forever to get someone to publish a book for me. Thanks for making me aware of your poetry.

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