no matter how fragile the light, it still beats the darkness

This morning too
it jumped on his bed and
cried and pounced on his
face and licked his forehead

Now he had a reason to wake up
To feed the cat

And he had a reason to
take showers
Because the cat didn't like to
lick a greasy face

He had a reason to go
out and look for work
Because cat food wasn’t free

And he had a reason to come
back home
Because the cat would miss him

He had a reason to live
And it was a tiny reason to live
but it still beat all
the reasons to die

112 thoughts on “no matter how fragile the light, it still beats the darkness

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      1. Thank you for reading my story, it is my desire to share with those who can
        Relate, there is hope no matter what we experience, it can turn us
        Around to reach for something stronger than ourselves.


      1. Sorry,, just want to complete reply, your comment brings
        To memory what it says “Faith is the one reason hoped for,
        The evidence of things of not seen”


    1. When I started writing it was expressed in poetry and prose
      I’m not sure why, I like that you took the time to read it especially
      When you don’t care for poetry. Thank you so much!

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  1. I don’t like poetry all that much, but this doesn’t make me gag, and besides, it’s early and there is nothing else to do until nine. Oh, and I like cats, way more than dogs!

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  2. This poem takes me right into the value of a pet. We don’t have a cat, but we have a little dog. She cuddles up with us at night and loves to play when we wake up. Yes, the dog food and the vet bills do add up, but who cares. Thanks for this poem.

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    1. Thank you Satyen, it is so good we can find comfort and hope
      In one another’s sharing, our stories are uniquely
      Written from our hearts, gifts from above!


    1. Thank you, I like the name of your website, mystic wanderer,
      One of my books is called ‘Wanderlust’, it does seem like
      We are wanderer’s in this life seeking meaning and
      Understanding for our existence, that it can be of help
      To others with their journey also!


  3. Words which remind us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and it’s the little things in life which often make the most difference during times of distress and uncertainty as presently experiencing globally. A really thoughtful and timely piece! 😊💛

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  4. Hi Dr Bogdan, I love this poem, it is as if you wrote it about me! It was originally 2 cats that gave me a reason to live. Then one died about 17-years-old and the other one was approaching 13-years old, so I decided to get another one. Miss Molly is a joy and has given the older cat a new lease of life. She is only 2/3-years old. All my cats have been rescue cats.
    Carolyn xxx

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  5. Yes, in the beginning of life as a child, our first steps are
    Ever so small, leading us in a path as we grow, and when
    Things get so unbearable, our footprints are replaced by
    Someone who has walked our path before❤️


  6. Your poem makes me wonder how many hundreds of years we’ve been asking ourselves “Why go on?” And sometimes the small glimmers of hope, just real enough to reflect back from the darkness, are the eyes of one special cat. Thank you.

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