wasted years in a picture

Wasted years

What do they look like?
Can you show in a picture?

He nodded to himself
as he thought
about it

Of course
who other than him to know
what wasted years look like

After 45 years spent inside
a box he was qualified to
judge. And it wasn’t
even prison. It was the office.

45 years

And today...
Today he was the 65-year-old
who raised the camera before
the mirror and snapped
a selfie
and said
“I am wasted years.”

32 thoughts on “wasted years in a picture

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  1. Very nice work. We can’t help being put in a box or category by others. Even my avatar is “me” in a box. (visually) We ourselves chose whether or not we live a life of conformity for “reasons”, social, financial, love or passion. Life of non-conformity (outside the box) is rare. Political dissidents, malcontents, openly Gay people and artists marching to the beat of a different drum are to name but a few enigmatic types. A waste? Now that’s a very subjective perspective. No fear? No regrets? Mmmmm. In the end you die, and they put you in a box, or an urn. Love your blog.

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