something about smartphone addiction

I liked her dad
He was an interesting guy

preached all day
about smartphone
while his daughter was on her
smartphone, ignoring

“A human life,” he was saying.
“Controlled by a piece
of plastic
with lights. A destiny
completely determined by
a machine
designed by corporations to become
god, to claim souls. How
blind, how utterly and
impossibly blind a whole generation
of human beings can be. To
willingly subject
themselves to slavery like
that. Their thumbs
and fingers always tap-tap-tapping
that screen
as if trying to break
their soul free from beyond. But
it never happens. You cannot
break a door
by merely knocking on it...”

“Whatever, dude,” said his daughter
with the phone before
her face

He shook his head and
then looked at me. This time
I too was looking
at my phone.
“I see she has corrupted you too,”
he said. “Shame. I was hoping
it could be
the other way around
just for once.”

I let the phone
down. “Me? Oh no, I was just
checking my e-mail. I've
sent some poems to
a bunch of publishers and
was hoping to
see a reply or something.”

“Hm, and is there any
reply?” he asked

“No,” I said

He nodded. “How about
a beer?”

“Sure. Thanks.”

29 thoughts on “something about smartphone addiction

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  1. Amazing poem, I relate to this at a cellular level *pun intended*.
    I too dislike the addiction we have towards the smart devices which harm our own capabilities and potential. Its sad, but capitalism has taken the side of entertainment and not of growth.
    Its good that aware one’s like yourself are spreading the message. Loved the poem btw, amazing job, stay safe, and have a great day!🙌

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  2. Bogdan I have read a lot of your poetry lately and have come to the conclusion that I think you need to become more adventurous in your writing, because you seem to have become a bit mundane in your content. Try opening up a more realistic method of conver conversation between the different characters on realistic subject matter, like for instance sex, and the power it brings to a lover or hateter! our mother, her view on life or death what if poison is the woman’s way to kill? Just a few ideas for you see what you can come up with. Yours M. L. Behan

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    I am reading a blog on this website for the first time and I would like to tell you that the quality of the article is up to the mark it is very well written.


  4. Love this one. It always amazes me how empathetic people are when you tell them you’re waiting to hear about your writing. And I love what the preacher says, anyway.

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