sweet dreams, brother

The last time they visited him
in the hospital,
mother made the big

She was once more

at 44

Hoping for a second son
of course

Because the first son
aged 21
was such a failure, of course

He will never become
anything worthwhile
Not from this hospital bed
with a broken hip
and spine

It wouldn’t have happened
if his dream
wasn’t to make it big
in the gang

But his dream was to
make it big in the 
local street gang
Serving the cocaine goddess and
hustling his way to the top

Well it was all fine
until that one deal that
went horribly wrong

People die when they stop

Now he dreamed to just
die already

Surely his brother will choose
a better dream. He
had to

21 thoughts on “sweet dreams, brother

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      1. All what we synthesize is also from our hearts I think, and I love that you give credit… But these are so so so cute and your signature style and brings a bit of sunshine! :))

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  1. “People die when they stop dreaming”. This line so poignant and true. I watched a few of my students ruin their lives because of drugs. It is so sad to feel that I could not do anything to stop them. Their minds were made up to destroy themselves. Talk about pandemics, drugs still play the role of “goddess” to many young people. Thanks for the post and for stopping by Poemattic. Stay safe.

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