human anatomy

she had long
metallic looking nails

and black lips on a very
pale face

the clothes too
were designed to make her look
cold and dead

but she was quite lovely
to her new boyfriend, the mortician

She was an artist, she'd told him
And she'd also
told him that she'd like
to learn more about
human anatomy for her drawings

"That one!" she said on
their sixth date in the morgue
"I want that one! Cut his head
open from forehead
to nape. I need to see
how the brain's
kept in there."

He sighed and prepared the
electric saw. There
wasn't much for him
to complain. He'd done
pretty well
at 47, hooking up with this

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  1. Interesting work(s). Most very real and deal with consequences. (some unintended.) All seem to leave you wondering/reflecting. I just read eight poems. Anatomy? Been an EMT and also worked at a Hospital where we (maintenance) moved the corpses. Spent a year on a military honor guard burying veterans. Being close to death, and the dead will alter your perceptions. Collecting the dead in pieces or having a person die in your lap changes you. Anyone who has run a code, done CPR and had them die, has pause to reflect. (anatomical details not withstanding.) Anyone who has delivered a baby, also is changed by the experience. It isn’t dark & morbid or enlightening. It’s just life, of which death in an inseparable part.

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  2. The poem is defines dissecting death to live life without fears even though love can go from cold to hot in odd ways that bridge the gap between youth *&* aging to the fulfillment of 47 *&* 22. The poem is sound proof, but not water resistant, yet airtight.

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        1. I just copy-pasted it actually :)))

          I keep a list of text-based emoticons in a .txt file on my desktop.
          ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
          \╭☞ \╭☞ You know, like professionals do 🙂


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