You do not disturb an artist when he is in the state of flow

father had a big room
all to himself

he called it the study

No other fathers
she knew of
had this privilege
but hers was an artist, a writer,
a poet

And the last time she
entered his study
he turned from his massive
desk to face her and
spat in her face and slapped
her hard and cursed her

You do not disturb an
artist when
he is in the state of flow,
was the lesson there

Well, it was learned so well
that twenty years
have passed and it was not forgotten
Its greatest benefit
standing in
preventing her from marrying
a writer

It led to happiness

Today she was a
happy housewife
who prepared pear puree
for her three-year-old girl
who would one day have
to learn the most important
lesson of her life
Don't you dare become an artist's wife!

But there'd be time
enough for education. Today
she'd have to
deliver the monthly payment
to the nursing home for taking care
of some mad old fool who
wrote poems with his
own shit on the bathroom walls

They were all
about some daughter who won't
visit him and wouldn't
acknowledge his existence
or something like that

42 thoughts on “You do not disturb an artist when he is in the state of flow

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  1. Oh! Love first! I’ve read that two artists together is an even more dangerous combination. They are inspired alternately, making meaningful connections nearly impossible.

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    1. Same ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ

      That’s why I immediately take out my phone and use a very plain writing app to jot it down. It sometimes happens when I’m in company and people think I’m one of those who need to obsessively check their phones :))

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