strongest drug of all

Here we go
open the beer can
bring it to the lips
have a sip
There it is
that PSA starts running on TV
about a great part of the population
caring for nothing but how to get high
The numbers are alarming
Getting high has become
as much a science as it is an art
and a banal thing
Everyone seeks to escape reality

with desperation

the strongest drug of all
is suicide

so potent it can get you high
even if you just think about it

I had my share
but managed to change my mind early
I no longer think of suicide
but make others do it
and that still counts as getting high
since they're all characters in my writings

25 thoughts on “strongest drug of all

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  1. “In America getting high is multi-billion(s) $$$$$$$ infamous-famous profitable high-end legal-illegal corporation biznazz!”

    _-Van Prince

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        1. Well, it’s not necessarily a great idea, but I always thought that poetry should be raw, and to the point (at least the free verse type). Adding unnecessary descriptions and figures of speech will only make it seem pretentious (at least that happens to me).
          Now, I don’t always respect that rule, of course, but I try to.
          And about inspiration… well, I guess it’s really my job that helps me here. I work for this gambling company and my job is to supervise casinos through CCTV cameras from an office. I do happen to see a lot of crazy stuff like that and I write about it :))
          Of course I don’t always get good stuff, but the trick is to always try. Always write.
          So yeah, as you might have guessed, I’m really not the employee of the month :))


          1. Wow that’s amazing… I was thinking of writing poetry for photography like something to inspire photographers and something they can as well put together and snap without loosing its meaning something as precise and visual as your work any pointers. At least you still have your job means you’re still doing something right, lol

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    1. :))) None of the stuff I write in third person is true. It’s all fiction derived from… you know, daydreams and stuff. But if it’s actually good it’s just because I write 100 poems and maybe 6-7 are worth publishing. So it’s a matter of persevering until you finally strike gold (or the closest thing to it).


  2. The feels on this. There are times when I would like to escape my reality and these things have crossed my mind at one time or another. In the end, you realize that self destructing is not worth it.

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