the old dog (+audio)

he was a very old dog and
he left hairs everywhere he sat
yet despite all that
she let him sleep in the bed besides her

Only because her family
said it was wrong

By definition
everything those people called wrong
was right and vice versa

So the old dog slept with her

The old dog was all she
had left

The old dog was the only one who
stood by her side
that time she overdosed on sleeping pills

The old dog was the only one
who didn't agree with mother when
she said, "Oh joy, another suicide attempt.
I wish she'd succeed at
something for once in life but…
well, no such luck, I guess."

The old dog had died
four days ago
but she still kept him in bed
besides her
Yep, I know I’ve the voice of a 96 year old man on his deathbed despite being in my 20s. Also my pronunciation’s all over the place due to lack of practice (English ain’t my 1st language). But behold I got drunk and silly one afternoon and told a few friends about my poetry blog. You know how these things end up. Here I am now recording my own voice — with intonation, mind you — reading my poem.

54 thoughts on “the old dog (+audio)

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  1. The ‘intonations’ did it for me. In the starting I laughed out loud! But as the story progressed, they really gripped me, the pauses are also perfect, they build up the intensity. It’s great you finally decided to post audio! Would love to hear some of your old works 🙂

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  2. I love what you are doing with your blog. I loved to hear your voice! You are good at this whole blogging thing (the way you introduce your reading!). Your poetry is very “yours” – i.e. original, and it has it’s own distinct personality. I have enjoyed the way it’s developing! The reading makes it even better. I admire it!!!

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          1. Aww! That was unexpected and flattering! Thank you! But WP is filled with inspiration and I have just checked out your blog again and see that all is well on your writing front. I love your longer articles!! See you soon hopefully, around blogtown. And thanks again! :))

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      1. You’re welcome. :)) Oh neat! Haha. You didn’t sound drunk. But then, I used to be amazed at how coherently I could write even after a bit too much wine. :))

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  3. The ending!!! I was literally sitting here reading this with my dog in the bed beside me lol. My reaction at the beginning of the poem: 😊. Middle of the poem: 🥺. End of the poem: 😳😆. I did NOT see that coming!

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      1. 😂 I’m also in bed with My dog Charlie by my side (who at the moment is passing gas 😵) the poem is mournful and moving, more so by you giving voice to it. 👏🏻

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  4. A lovely poem. The cat that my wife and I had loved for seventeen years died 18 months ago. He shed fur everywhere but it was heartbreaking to see him go. He often joined us in bed, and we still remember how he used to pounce on unwary toes that poked the duvet up near him. Now we mind the Japanese Spitz dog of our daughter five days a week. He sheds white fur everywhere but we miss him very much too when he isn’t with us.

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  5. What a wonderful thing to hear your voice for the first time. I feel like I know you better.

    I’m drinking Hell-Cat Maggie Irish whiskey and it’s not even 8:30 in the morning. A toast to you and your bright future. “Clink.”

    To an amazing poet!

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