only empty wine bottles

He just wasn’t a bright kid,
mother told the

“Got his finger stuck in
the bottle
and he panicked and smashed
the bottle against his head.”


Well, it was true that
there were no
other toys for him
around the house. There were
only empty wine

ever since
daddy left

it’s okay, his father’s a writer

so the assignment was to write about
what the perfect
vacation would look like

and he wrote about
running away from home and
stealing a car
and running people over

robbing a gas station
assaulting and beating
a lady in the restrooms

shooting the cops
smashing their heads in

and at the end driving the car
into a wall and
dying with a shitload of money
and a lady’s head in
the trunk

“Your kid seems very…
troubled,” said the

“Oh my God!” said the mother. “No,
it’s his father…”

“Hm? His father treats him…
inappropriately you mean?”

“Well, you see… no actually.
His father doesn’t spend
much time with him. He is
a writer…”

“Oh. I see.”

scratch on the inside

she ran to the desk
opened the drawer
shuffled around
got the scotch tape
and a condom

Ran towards him and
fell to her knees

She hurried to put
the condom on,
laughing like a child
knowingly doing something
bad, yet exciting

Then she wrapped the whole thing
in scotch tape
giving it plenty of
sharp ridges and pointy

When it was done she spat on
it a few times
and gave it a few

It was the best way to get
fucked while
dealing with a yeast infection

The scratching sensation
on the inside
is simply divine, she

D.R. BOGDAN AND I — By the Mighty Mumford

D.R.BOGDAN and I are, two sides of life’s bazaar….. Light and dark Both have a spark Of life, smooth skin and a scar. – Light and dark the same, Combined in life’s frame….. Not everything Has positive ring, Life is a troublesome game! – The point of my faith is that, No matter where you’re […]

D.R. BOGDAN AND I — By the Mighty Mumford

guilt is one heavy anvil

they were having another one
of those heated
arguments on the porch
when the kid ventured
into the
street and got run over by a car

He didn’t survive

And there was no
getting out from under this guilt

“He tried to run away from
our screams.”

“Yes. He did.”

“And we can only… go after
him now.”

“Yes. We’re going after him.”

She circled her arms around
his neck and pulled him
in for a kiss
while holding the revolver
against his nape, thumbs on the trigger

It was the sweetest kiss
of their entire

The bang ended the problems
for both of them

INOCENT with a single ‘N’… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

Some daughters love their fathers

a bit too much

and their mothers not enough

This father was a cop,

the type that deals with the nasty cases

and he often came home drunk.

Alcohol did help, he said

and drank some more on the couch

and sometimes drank until he passed out

she was thirteen, his daughter

and would constantly nag

him with questions

about work. He didn’t wanna talk about work,

about the gruesome details of

it and all that, but edgy teenagers will be

edgy teenagers

She insisted

and he kept drinking and eventually

passed out on his side

She was excited

took his gun from the holster

and started studying it with passion

turning it on all sides, smelling it,

holding it close

to the face



the bullet got her lower jaw

it was a bloody mess

and she was in…

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our very own patron saint

he was a doctor

Goddammit, they were looking at
a doctor
He came into the casino in a suit,
the same suit every day and night
dark gray
shiny with grease around the
elbows and lower back
patched up in places

he kinda forgot what it was like to be

and lately he kinda forgot what
it was like to win at the slot machines

he forgot how to perform surgery
how to diagnose a patient

forgot what the company of a woman felt like

forgot what love was

he was a machine that consumed cheap
but strong alcohol
Rubbing alcohol filtered through bread
That stuff was 70% alcohol
his liver knew it

"Ah, pleaseeee, for the love of God, don't
make me work with this
stuff again," he would scream while
playing at the slot machine

and the bouncer would walk up to him
and say, "Hey, hey, doc. Everything all right, man?"

"Oh, sorry. That was my liver shouting
through my mouth. He's a pussy."

They say companies that deliver food
get very suspicious when their
regular customers,
the people who order every day,
stop ordering all of a sudden
They even check on them

Well, we don't deliver food
but we got really concerned when
our favorite doctor stopped
showing up
all of a sudden

Maybe our managers would've checked
up on him but
there was no phone to call
and no door to knock on

Still, one of our boys went to the nearby
park and asked the homeless men around
for our favorite doctor
and the man handed him a

it wasn't even on the front page
there was some political shit on the
front page
Nobody gave a damn about that article

The real thing was a few pages
after, not even colored

That was a doctor with guts
Guts pouring out of him
straight into the sink
and another cluster found in the toilet

We framed the article and pasted
it on a board in the back room
of the casino

our very own patron saint

I always listen… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

He was older than me

by a good eight years

he felt worthy to give me life


I agreed.

It’s my personal rule. Never turn away

from a tale. Listen to anything

and everyone when they’re willing to share.

Following the advice is another


but listening to it I shall.

And I did

all ears

and he told me

“Never overdose on solitude, my boy. Never

overdose on solitude.

You might think it’s cool and all

to play the lone wolf character

and all that

but a time will come when you will

regret this deeply, oh so, so deeply.

You will regret it to suicide and beyond.

And the regret will set in gradually

with old age.

It always does.

When I was like you, in my twenties, I hated

the world and loved

spending time

with myself. It’s all I did


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cold feet

she woke up because her feet were cold
The window was open
and she had not the audacity to
stand and shut it in someone else’s house

He was still asleep
beside her
The sheets were stained with her maiden’s
That was all right
She was twenty
But him.... He was also twenty but that’s not the point

This was the boy who
put her through hell during both middle
and high school

The bully

There was that time when he pushed
her down the stairs
and broke her thumb

that time during the field trip
when he threw a rock
straight into the side of her head

that time when he put
a frog in her
And another in her backpack that she
carried home

That time he kicked the ball
in her face giving her
a bloody nose

that time when he threw a snowball
at her ear

And there was another incident
resulting in a chipped tooth

and all of that was besides the
name-calling and the random hair pulling
and the tripping and the scaring
and all...

Yet now here she was
Here they were
In his house
In his bed

And all because he contacted her the previous day
and apologized for everything. Truth
is her life placed some nasty miles both
behind and ahead of her
and someone being nice all of a sudden...

It was so easy to get her
And what did he think of her now?

She felt tears trickling down
her cheeks as she thought of this and
stared at his sleeping body beside her

Maybe the time to
get revenge was now

Or was it not?

headphones are really one of humanity’s greatest inventions

Silence is the most important thing
It's what renders headphones
and earbuds
and headsets one of the
inventions of the modern world

The ability to enjoy entertainment
without disturbing those
around you


It's important to know this about it
cuz unfortunately some of
the lessons
about the importance
of silence
are taught by the most
extreme teachers

Myself and a friend of mine had been
taught the lesson by such a teacher

We were twelve and thirteen
and he got a new gaming console for
his birthday and we spoke with another
friend to lend us a cool game,
some shooter

I stayed over the night
and we started playing
and the TV was quite loud
The game was fun
We were loud
and there were bangs and explosions
and guns firing and screams and flashes

and suddenly
the door of the bathroom bangs
open with a kick and my friend's
grandfather storms into the room
with froth about his bleached lips and
he grabs my friend's arm, twists, and
pins him to the ground and holds him there
as he looks around the room with crazed eyes,
more scared than both my friend and I

I think what's worse
is that the old man was previously
on the toilet
using it
and he got up without wiping
or washing his hands
and came into our room like that

My friend's father came when he heard
the commotion and
dragged the old man away
and left us mute
and shaken

we didn't say a word until he
came back a few seconds later
and lectured us about PTSD

but I guess the real moral of the
story is that silence is important
and headphones are really one of
humanity's greatest inventions

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