cold feet

she woke up because her feet were cold
The window was open
and she had not the audacity to
stand and shut it in someone else’s house

He was still asleep
beside her
The sheets were stained with her maiden’s
That was all right
She was twenty
But him.... He was also twenty but that’s not the point

This was the boy who
put her through hell during both middle
and high school

The bully

There was that time when he pushed
her down the stairs
and broke her thumb

that time during the field trip
when he threw a rock
straight into the side of her head

that time when he put
a frog in her
And another in her backpack that she
carried home

That time he kicked the ball
in her face giving her
a bloody nose

that time when he threw a snowball
at her ear

And there was another incident
resulting in a chipped tooth

and all of that was besides the
name-calling and the random hair pulling
and the tripping and the scaring
and all...

Yet now here she was
Here they were
In his house
In his bed

And all because he contacted her the previous day
and apologized for everything. Truth
is her life placed some nasty miles both
behind and ahead of her
and someone being nice all of a sudden...

It was so easy to get her
And what did he think of her now?

She felt tears trickling down
her cheeks as she thought of this and
stared at his sleeping body beside her

Maybe the time to
get revenge was now

Or was it not?

20 thoughts on “cold feet

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    1. that’s the best idea for revenge that you could come up with, Ingrid? I think she should do way worse than that! it’s practically another Bogdan poem waiting to be written – man wakes up, chained to bed and blindfolded… ⛓️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hmm… yeah, and then she sticks hot pins under his fingernails, pulls his teeth out one by one, cuts off his eyelids and pours acid in his eyes…
        But, like I said, she’s simply not that kind of person… So, don’t worry. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)


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