I always listen… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

He was older than me

by a good eight years

he felt worthy to give me life


I agreed.

It’s my personal rule. Never turn away

from a tale. Listen to anything

and everyone when they’re willing to share.

Following the advice is another


but listening to it I shall.

And I did

all ears

and he told me

“Never overdose on solitude, my boy. Never

overdose on solitude.

You might think it’s cool and all

to play the lone wolf character

and all that

but a time will come when you will

regret this deeply, oh so, so deeply.

You will regret it to suicide and beyond.

And the regret will set in gradually

with old age.

It always does.

When I was like you, in my twenties, I hated

the world and loved

spending time

with myself. It’s all I did


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