scratch on the inside

she ran to the desk
opened the drawer
shuffled around
got the scotch tape
and a condom

Ran towards him and
fell to her knees

She hurried to put
the condom on,
laughing like a child
knowingly doing something
bad, yet exciting

Then she wrapped the whole thing
in scotch tape
giving it plenty of
sharp ridges and pointy

When it was done she spat on
it a few times
and gave it a few

It was the best way to get
fucked while
dealing with a yeast infection

The scratching sensation
on the inside
is simply divine, she

31 thoughts on “scratch on the inside

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    1. Yeah – I agree. I think I can safely say that I would not have thought of this one… many of the others I wouldn’t have written (because I am a coward, I suppose), but this one – I wouldn’t have even thought of it.

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      1. Yeah that’s awesome…. That’s the beauty and art of poetry. You can write what you want, how you feel etc. I love your poetry and the way you express each particular detail. Always delivered well and with honesty. Hey, my poetry is apparently depressing 😭🤣.

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