it’s okay, his father’s a writer

so the assignment was to write about
what the perfect
vacation would look like

and he wrote about
running away from home and
stealing a car
and running people over

robbing a gas station
assaulting and beating
a lady in the restrooms

shooting the cops
smashing their heads in

and at the end driving the car
into a wall and
dying with a shitload of money
and a lady’s head in
the trunk

“Your kid seems very…
troubled,” said the

“Oh my God!” said the mother. “No,
it’s his father…”

“Hm? His father treats him…
inappropriately you mean?”

“Well, you see… no actually.
His father doesn’t spend
much time with him. He is
a writer…”

“Oh. I see.”

44 thoughts on “it’s okay, his father’s a writer

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  1. I love when I read things that prompt me to contemplate the writers meaning and symbolism! This piece makes me think about who the characters are and what sort of life they each live. I love it❤️

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  2. Brilliant bit of satire. 😂 The deeper meaning that perhaps a writer is spending too much time in his head and not with his family? You’ve got me questioning my priorities now. Great piece Bogdan 🙏

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  3. An interesting way of putting a double meaning into it. It makes a person read it more than once to understand what they have just read. It could mean that the father is not around and the child is being overdramatic to grab the fathers attention or that the kid has inherited the fathers creative skills as a writer and found an opportunity in the assignment to put his creative skills to good use

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    1. Search engines should have an option for writers where you ask a suspicious question and then just like clicking “I’m feeling lucky” you can click “I’m a writer, so chill. Thx.”


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