to cope with stress

the stress was messing with
her periods
so she got even more
stressed as a result

Oh, and that guy she met
through the dating app, he considered
himself catfished. Why?
She looked like
in the
pictures. No difference.

More stress...

It all started with the premature
death of her
And then there was
the messy divorce and all that
But she didn't wanna think
about it

There was only one way to cope
with the stress

She sat on the couch
and turned the TV on
and got the
nail clippers out of her makeup kit
and used
them to chip pieces of skin
off her knuckles
and then chew them like sunflower seeds

it worked wonders
as a stress relief technique

The skin of her
hands looked very much like
Swiss cheese but
the dents were rimmed with redness

She watched her hands
as she chewed on the pieces of skin
and then it hit her
"Oh God! I'm such
a dumbass. I forgot to take off my
wedding ring.
No wonder the guy considered
himself catfished. He
saw my hands and
thought I was some unhappy
wife looking for hookups. Oh dear..."

but was it though?

but what if it was
all a dream?
All a nightmare

What if he wasn't just a construction worker
who fell from the
scaffold and couldn't get up
and was in incredible pain from the torso up
because he had no more feeling below?

If this was all a dream
all a nightmare
and he was no construction worker barely
making ends meet
then his wife did not divorce him
a few weeks ago
and she did not take the kids
and she did not have another man in her life

If it was all a dream
a nightmare
he did not
jump to his death

If it was all a dream
a nightmare

Not too many horizons… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers / Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

Not too many horizons

when you live in a small home

with small windows

and thick blinders

and only face the smoky ceiling

as you sit sprawled on the bed,

bottle in hand, more empty than full,

cigarette between fingers, more ashes

than light.

Work starts only the day after tomorrow

so there is nothing to do now

just like there won’t be much to do then

He’s not alone in this,

this young man

He thinks now of past lovers

and it’s like God delivers a gift all of a sudden

There’s a knock on the door

he stands


about to vomit

and finds his way to the door




It’s been… What, a year already?

The woman holds a child in her arms

and tells him it’s his.

The same whore who ran away with the little

money he had about…

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life was pretty nice to us

same thing
After a painful breakup
she would
have her sister over
for some hardcore drinking
and nasty chatting

there would be a little over
ten shots of tequila
with salt and no lemon
that brought along their favorite

"When I told you to
lie down on the carpet," her sister
said, "and I brought the
dog over you and jerked
him off in
your hair."

"Crazy bitch."

"No, it was funny! It was funnier when
dad saw you with
that shit stuck in your hair and
your collar and he
beat up our babysitter's boyfriend who
visited that day. Hahahahaha!"

"Poor fucker..."

"Yeah. Him dying in the
hospital put daddy
behind bars, you know?"

"I know."

"And then it was all heaven for us."

"It was?"

"Duh. We were free to
go out with guys then. Mom didn't mind. She
had her own."

"Yeah, I guess
life was
pretty nice to us..." 

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