peace was never an option

there have been
too many fights lately
she was a
and she put it as,
“Darling, we need to change
the tune.”
He was a
and he shot her
and then himself

broken toy

it was dark and
and every breath entered
with salty sweat
inside the nose

the mouth was
gagged and the whole head
covered by a
black trash bag
with two very small holes,
unaligned with her

Her skin was itchy all
but there was no scratching
with hands and feet
bound to the chair

She didn’t realize that she
was in hyperventilation
and it was making things

After the four hours
it took him to come back to
the basement
he found the greatest
disappointment of his life

He found her dead

There’s no feeling like
paying good money
for a toy
only to bring it home
and find that it’s broken
before you get to
play with it

He broke down and cried
for a whole hour
as he sat on her dead lap
and caressed her hair
and kissed her gagged
mouth and sucked the
snot from her nose

She was beautiful

Weeks later he was unable to
forget her
He carried her eyeball inside
his mouth wherever he

honestly, I had to look online for the meaning of the term

She pushed gently against me
and fell on the
Stretched a leg towards me
began unbuttoning at her

I helped her take them
Not too gentle, not too rough

Grinning, she turned around
in bed and said, “I just
remembered, you never told me
what your muse looks like.”


“And please don’t tell me
it looks like me. We both know
that’s bullshit sweet talk poets use
to get girls. Don’t
lie to me, boy. What does your
muse look like? You
can tell me.”

I reached for her foot
moved it out of the way
not too gently, not too rough
Reached for the panties

She pushed my hand away
not too gently, not too rough
“Tell me. Is it, by any chance, a little
girl locked inside a basement like
it was for my ex-boyfriend? Do you
whip her when she’s naughty
and doesn’t give you inspiration? Do
you deny her food and the


“Tell me, poet! Do you? Do you
lie on your back when you masturbate
and imagine the muse
squat above your face
and shower you with her piss
as blessing?”

I took a step back. “What?”

“Oh fuck,” she said. “Just tell
me already what your muse
looks like and how d’you get
intimate with her. Tell me!”

“I, I don’t know. I don’t work
like that.”

She stopped touching herself
Watched me expecting
to add more

I gave a shrug.

Honestly, the last time I thought of
a muse it was
some broke, homeless young guy,
scrawny as a putrid
plank and roaming the streets

He had nothing in this
but hunger
A hunger that possessed him
and made him write like a madman

That guy was my muse

But I figured
she wouldn’t care to hear about that

Anyway, we didn’t go out for long
after that evening

She said we’re not compatible
because I’m too vanilla

rainy season damage

It’s been a rough rainy season
and rain always
put father in
the drinking mood

He drank more in this
rainy season than
ever before in his life

Mother’s missing teeth
and broken shoulder
were proof of that

the old story about falling
down the stairs held up
with the doctors

Well, just like he messed
his wife up
the rainy season messed up
the roof of the house

He downed what was left of a bottle
of vodka and got the
ladder and a few tools
and went out

His son held the ladder for him

He always cursed
plenty when he worked on
something. He was cursing his
wife as he hammered at the
roof and said something
about his son not
being his

and the second best thing
about his fall
was that the son didn’t even have
to shake the ladder, as planned

Father just fell on his own
thanks to the vodka he
drank before climbing up there

The first best thing about
father’s fall was
that he landed on some
screwdriver in his pocket
and got stabbed in the kidney

The pain must’ve been
something to follow him
all the way to the afterlife
as he bled to death
and cried silently

The kid watched him,
watched his watering eyes,
and kicked dust in his face
and went back inside the house

They waited until it was too
late and then
called the emergency number

one unlucky boxer

He was a boxer

Picked up the craft at six
and never put it

Unfortunately though
being a good boxer doesn’t
earn you a good job
in today’s society. Best he
could do was bouncer
at a local bar
His IQ wasn’t much help either

He beat up quite a number of
and earned a reputation

became a local celebrity

The women desired him
and got him
and life was good until the one
invincible opponent stepped
into the ring

Well, there are many invincible
opponents in a man’s life
but his was prostate cancer

All the women who wanted to
take pictures with him
and have his autograph on their
chests and wanted to take
him home meant nothing now

One of them was a rich
older lady who
gifted him a car after he served
her a few times in the bedroom

He used it to
drive at full speed into
a pole

And as it happens after someone
dies, the people had only
good words to say
about him

They thought he didn’t leave
much behind
but one of the girls he’d been
with knew better

She rubbed her swollen
belly as she
thought of him. It’ll be fine
as long as her husband wouldn’t
suspect anything

Ol’ Bloody Brush… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

the old man stank

but he

stank more

of booze and cheap

tobacco than


his mouth missed

a lot of


and his eyes

would never


in the same

direction at once

but worst of

all were his hands

Now those were

really messed up

He claimed he had

paint tanks

under his nails

and he wasn’t lying

he was mad

but not a liar

He could paint

wherever he was

on any surface

And he did

pressing the stump

of his fingers

against walls and


triggered immediate


and then he

would trace on and

draw something

Usually a penis or

some hairy cunt or

some silhouettes

fucking or

something like that

Then he’d step back

admire his creation

and laugh

and suck at his

bloody fingers

Ol’ Bloody Brush

was a celebrity

around the


He never had

to buy a

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“Thick Glass,” “Twist the Blade,” “Pink Paint,” and “Good Boy, Kyu” – 4 new poems featured in TERROR HOUSE MAGAZINE

Four new poems featured in TERROR HOUSE MAGAZINE:


Thick Glass

Twist the Blade

Pink Paint

Good Boy, Kyu

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in a very open marriage

She parked in his driveway
and got out of the car
and went to the door
and knocked

A woman opened up
“Oh, hi. You must be my
husband’s date.”

“Um… what?”

“Oh, it’s okay. We’re in a very
open marriage, really.
It’s fine. Come in.”

She tried to remember
a time when she felt more
embarrassed and out
of place. Failed. Gave up.
Came in.

The woman closed the door
behind her
Locked it
Took out the gun

It was worth it

The husband was dead in the
bathtub. Shot in the head
And his wife used his phone to
text this other woman
and ask her to come

The wife got a very, very light
and no one disagreed with
her actions

She was the hero all local housewives
wanted to be like,
an inspiration, a celebrity,
someone they looked up to

From sand to ashes… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

It started with sand

from the sandbox

and because it felt good

and they weren’t bothered

by it getting into

all kinds of places

they kept at it

and eventually upgraded to

cigarette ashes

They were making love in a bed

full of them

and it didn’t bother neither

Ashes were far superior to sand

“Ashes are far superior

to sand,” she said


“So let’s promise then. Promise that

whoever dies first will have

their ashes snorted by

the one who stays alive.”

“I promise.”

They embraced each other and felt

the ashes in each other’s hair

and kissed

knowing that the day will come very soon

They were both 28


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the world is full of fetishists

the sex was good
She loved to swallow. Even
from the condom. Had
a real fetish with it

They passed out eventually
in each other’s
and somewhere towards
the morning he
woke up with a blade in the

It twisted hard

He gasped for air
and watched her eyes, demanding
an explanation

Her response was a shrug. “Just
wanted to see what it
feels like. I think I
love it.”

He didn’t survive
and she faced no real consequences

The world is full of fetishists

some girls like to
swallow cum and carve their
partners up for fun

and some men
like to hook up with
psych ward patients

There never was a time in history
when madness was not
and idolized
and alluring as sin

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