dark corners of the dating scene

well, she was cute in
the pictures
and in person
but she kinda broke the
spell when
she sat down at the table
and opened her

She just had to follow
every damn sentence
with a
cringe-worthy “meow” or “nya”
and she would
even rub her hand against
her face cat-like

“What’s up with that shit?” he
would’ve liked
to ask, but
kept to himself and stayed
a gentleman all throughout
the date

She only spoke about
animated shows
she watched and conventions she’d
participate to, always dressed
as some fantasy character

She showed him some
pictures on her phone and he
decided to make this
first date
the last
but then she said,
“Also, when I get fucked I
make those sounds, hehe.”

“What?” he said. “What sounds?”

“Oh, you know what I’m
talking about.” And then she proceeded
to reproduce the sounds
Right there
in the goddamn restaurant

Sounded like some child getting
beat up real good
and repeatedly stabbed all over and
in tremendous pain

The other customers and
the staff
looked over and he could see
hands reaching for
phones, ready to record the

Well, to their credit, it
was some shit worth
You don’t see and hear that
every day

Anyways, at the end of
the day he decided that it
just wasn’t the worst date
he’d been on

nor the worst sex
he had

Anything was better than
that time he
got stabbed by a
self-diagnosed psycho girl

24 thoughts on “dark corners of the dating scene

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  1. Oh you have me cracking up laughing with this one. Always remember a date I had once where the guy was talking and eating and all I could see was munched up food in his mouth.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Yay. :)) Btw every time I read one of your poems I “read” it in your voice now!! Which I think is pretty cool. I am jealous of your poetic bravery and skill in the voice recordings department. :))

            Liked by 1 person

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