From sand to ashes… by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

Picture taken from Pinterest

It started with sand

from the sandbox

and because it felt good

and they weren’t bothered

by it getting into

all kinds of places

they kept at it

and eventually upgraded to

cigarette ashes

They were making love in a bed

full of them

and it didn’t bother neither

Ashes were far superior to sand

“Ashes are far superior

to sand,” she said


“So let’s promise then. Promise that

whoever dies first will have

their ashes snorted by

the one who stays alive.”

“I promise.”

They embraced each other and felt

the ashes in each other’s hair

and kissed

knowing that the day will come very soon

They were both 28


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6 thoughts on “From sand to ashes… by Bogdan Dragos

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    1. You know, there are certain people who can’t possibly imagine themselves living past the age of 30.
      So it’s drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll until you’re 29 and then you die. Because death is strongly preferred to old age.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Well, I don’t want to relate to those characters either.
          After all, I’m just daydreaming ( ^ ᗜ ^ )

          I don’t wanna get old either, but if I do… well, I don’t know, seems like having a child to live for is far superior to making it big with writing or some silly dream like that :))
          So yeah, I look up to you in this, man •ᴗ•

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