one unlucky boxer

He was a boxer

Picked up the craft at six
and never put it

Unfortunately though
being a good boxer doesn’t
earn you a good job
in today’s society. Best he
could do was bouncer
at a local bar
His IQ wasn’t much help either

He beat up quite a number of
and earned a reputation

became a local celebrity

The women desired him
and got him
and life was good until the one
invincible opponent stepped
into the ring

Well, there are many invincible
opponents in a man’s life
but his was prostate cancer

All the women who wanted to
take pictures with him
and have his autograph on their
chests and wanted to take
him home meant nothing now

One of them was a rich
older lady who
gifted him a car after he served
her a few times in the bedroom

He used it to
drive at full speed into
a pole

And as it happens after someone
dies, the people had only
good words to say
about him

They thought he didn’t leave
much behind
but one of the girls he’d been
with knew better

She rubbed her swollen
belly as she
thought of him. It’ll be fine
as long as her husband wouldn’t
suspect anything

25 thoughts on “one unlucky boxer

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  1. That is an interesting twist.

    Definitely didn’t see that one coming and neither did her husband.

    Unfortunately this actually happens quite often.

    Under the law a child born within a marriage is legally the offspring of the husband even though he didn’t conceive the child.

    I once read about a case where the wife cucked her husband.

    Only to leave him and move in with the biological father after the child was born

    Unfortunately her ex-husband was forced by law to pay child support for a child that was not his own flesh and blood.

    This is one of the primary reasons an ever increasing number of men refuse to engage in intimate relationships with todays women.

    As it is no longer worth the risk.

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