Saint Bernards are big, heavy dogs

he opened another beer 
and sat on
the couch
but turned off the TV

He watched the kid

The kid was on his knees
before the coffee table
busy with
an orange pencil and a
piece of paper 

Tongue poked
to one side and held
firmly between
the lips,
he was writing letters to
the pet dog
he’ll never see

And he did that
all day long

Dad sipped at his beer. The
years of action
were far beyond him now
but by all the gods
he swore
tonight will be the
he sneaks into his ex-wife’s
home and kidnaps
the dog

He even rented
a van
for it

50 thoughts on “Saint Bernards are big, heavy dogs

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  1. Wow, really awesome story… Love the spoken word, it really piece’s it all together nicely. Yeah not so depressing 🤣. What happened 😋.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ Thanks!

      The poem was actually written a while ago. I’m not sure what went through my life at that time. Usually I’m very happy when I can end a day saying that I’ve been productive. Perhaps that was it, so I toned down on darkness a bit 🙂

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  2. Hello there
    Its Gunjan Rathor this side.
    Author of ‘The First Steps’ book and co-author of two more books. Presently in 12th standard PCB student. From Raipur, CG India
    Right now we are preparing for an anthology and came to Know that you are a good writer. It will be great to see you joining us 😊
    If you want I can send you more details 😊


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