Interview with Author and Poet Bogdan Dragos

The Chamber Magazine

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I was born in 1992 in Romania and had a happy childhood until I went to school. I never had an answer to the question “What would you like to become when you grow up?” and still don’t. But I was lucky enough, after college, to land a job as a dispatcher at a gambling company. There, I spend 12 hours alone in the office (day and night shifts) supervising casinos through CCTV cameras. I like to think I learned a lot about humanity from this. But I also learned a lot about myself. It’s also where I started writing.biog

What is your greatest accomplishment as a writer so far?
That’ll be the publication of my poetry chapbook, “Pour The Whiskey Over My Heart And Set It On Fire”. In August 2020 I found myself with quite a bunch of poems and no audience, so I started submitting a…

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25 thoughts on “Interview with Author and Poet Bogdan Dragos

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  1. Nice honest interview, congratulations on the recognition. Wish you luck with finding a publisher for your book. Just keep submitting! This is a site I like gives you many places to submit your work for free, also she interviews magazine editors and asks what they are looking for.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this. I’ve had a few chapbooks published over the last two years and though they don’t change your life they do increase your credibility as a writer and give you something to read from at book launches — don’t expect stadium crowds — and to sell 🙂

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  3. Nice interview Bogdan… Thanks for sharing some insight into yourself. Learning a bit more about you is awesome. Congrats on your amazing achievements. Keep writing we all love it 😊⭐

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  4. Hi, Bogdan
    Glad you liked my poem. I’ve just read your interview (well done) and, seeing as I’m off this week, I look forward to rummaging through your own writings.
    Mr O
    P.S. Someone from Romania recently read my entire blog in one day. That wouldn’t be you, would it? Just wondering…

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