a distracted dreamer

what else to do when
the rain falls so heavy
against the window
Get melancholic
get poetic
have a drink
have another
close and then lock the door
to your room
and don't listen to
the voices coming
from outside
They want to distract you
They don't want you
to be successful
and make it in
They're all haters
He covered his ears
and squinted his eyes at the
computer screen
doing his best to block out
the negativity that came
from beyond the door
“I can't get up!” the voice
croaked. “Come help me. I can't
get up.” And then with
a cry, “Please!”
“Shut the fuck up, grandma!
I'm trying to
write in here. Jesus Christ, I'm
trying to make
it big, don't you understand?
For fuck's sake now.”
He had also sent a manuscript
to a potential
publisher and was waiting for
a reply. It's been
two days already 

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  1. I’m (literally) sitting in my room wanting to write a poem, the door locked, my second drink in hand and a wave of negativity coming from the other side from the kids… I give up on trying to write and open the reader to find… this. I think it should be grandma yelling shut the fuck up.

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  2. “The harder the rain fall against your window man
    the harder you put it to your woman
    the harder she orgasm
    the harder you cum
    the stronger y’all climax together.” _-Van Prince

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  3. What a fine form of concentration. So true. Yeah, lachrymose rain is best kept out like blood lines of un-rhyming knocks in the cacophony of fallen kin and thunder kith. Drink typing kisses the rain paper better than death. As they say, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” Good fun, thanks.

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  4. I feel this, only I am a mother to three. They are 4, 14, and 16 all home…all schooling. Some days I can tune them out and write through. Other days my nights are along and my sleep, less than adequate. My mind often screams to write when it can’t. I think we all sacrifice something to push at this dream.

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  5. I love that this poem seems to make a negative example of itself (instead of someone else)… though I doubt its author would ignore gam-gams’ calls for help. ;)) Good reminder that certain things (or other people’s needs) should not be sacrificed to achieve our dreams… <33

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    1. (∩ ^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Wow, I love this comment 🙂

      Because it’s so true. We do live in an age of so called self-help gurus who promote the idea that you have to give 120% for your dream and so on.

      It’s a very romanticized concept. While it’s true that big dreams require big sacrifices, one should keep in mind that the stopping point is just before the sacrifice that asks for your soul.

      Meaning, deeds that require you to “sin” in order to get ahead :)))
      Like cheating someone, abandoning your family and loved ones, backstabbing friends, and so on.

      In short, sacrifice for your dream, but never sell your soul to the devil for it (like the guy in the story above :))

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      1. EXACTLY!!! (Sorry for the shouting all-caps but I agree 100%. :))) It’s funny, I too often assume people innately “get” things like this but I believe too few actually do. “People before things,” …and before dreams. Especially people we are responsible for, people we have made promises to, people we are otherwise ethically beholden to. And those we can only determine and judge for ourselves. That’s important to remember also. What we *do* have to sacrifice to achieve our dreams is the concept of pleasing every other person, or hoping to gain their approval for whether what we are doing matters or not. What counts is what we feel about ourselves and about our own work. Because no one knows exactly what we have been through, are going through, and/or are trying or hoping to do.

        Rock on Bogdan, I so enjoyed this commentary from you. Thank you! ★☆🤗🌷🎶

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    1. Love this poem, I do
      In love with this poem, I am
      mind-catching poem, it is
      1-of-a-kind poem fron real-to-surreal
      poems are the cornerstone of writing
      writers of all genres
      even writing long drawn out books
      encasing some poems
      akin to a diamond encased in a gold ring
      This poem is a literary masterpiece
      tell them, Van Prince, poet-of-poets
      said so briding the gap/between creativity -*&*-innovation

      By: Van Prince

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