to choose the bottle

there are many reasons a woman
can say her final
goodbye to you
and somehow they
all feel
He supposed the worst of all
had to be when
her final goodbye is
influenced by another man
made sense
but that wasn't his case
Also he was too drunk
to think
straight now. And in too much
“It's the final goodbye,” she had
said. “You chose the bottle
over me, now live
with the bottle. Goodbye.”
Goddammit, this
really hurt
His dick was only getting harder
and more blue
stuck in the mouth
of the bottle
Yet still, through all the
pain and the
dizziness he reached for the
phone and called her.
He said, “Hey, I just want you
to know that… It was
you I had in mind when I did it.
I did it while thinking
of you, love.”
She hung up

22 thoughts on “to choose the bottle

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  1. Your poem here
    should be read everywhere
    it is an addition
    a multiplication
    that a woman says goodbye
    to her man
    when she can no longer be woman
    to that man
    for too many reasons for him to know
    she only know
    when a woman loves a man true
    their love relationship is never through
    a woman’s goodbye to her man
    has what woman want
    not what man want

    By: Van Prince

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      1. Poetry has become more in popular demand than all genres=Poetry’s Motto Worldwide is:

        Has Its Own Country!”
        _-Van Prince

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          1. Step out in PoetryCity and bring readers and fams your poetic jewelz and become $$wealthy and poemfamous, you’re a fantastic poet!

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