superstitious woman

In the morning
she jerked him off
and had him
cum in the cups of her
bra and then
he watched as she put it
on and went about the
rest of her day like

She worked as an
elementary school teacher

believed in the

and witchcraft

and aliens

and demons

and told the students in
her class that
her dead husband reincarnated into
her dog and every morning
she took his seed to
hold in her bosom for good luck

It definitely worked
because she got a raise in
the next few weeks

42 thoughts on “superstitious woman

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  1. Man! where do you get such a flourishing imagination!!! The world of sexual fantasy has no boundaries for you….amazing….

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    1. It’s the same here in Romania too, especially the countryside, but I think it’s very cute in its own way…
      Superstitions are like a spice to life. You just gotta be careful not to put too much :))

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