Girls with glasses are cute by Bogdan Dragos

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Girls with glasses are cute but that's only what I think and she doesn't agree so she's wearing contact lens and she's losing them more often than not and the house becomes a minefield and we have the thread lightly it's just a small apartment it shouldn't be that hard to find them or the one that got lost when only one got lost she would use the other and cover her other eye and look around and point things and tell me to turn them over so she could take a better look and I would sometimes say "I told you" but I no longer do it I look under the cover and the pillows and the sheets and the carpet in shoes, under them pockets, corners, folds sink, toilet, tub one day she covers her free eye and uses the other one to look at her phone "Really…

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18 thoughts on “Girls with glasses are cute by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. This feels like some very deep metaphorical dream-master message… well-written as always… I like how it’s clearly spelled out at the end. 🤓⁉️ You have an adorably original sort of mind, Boggie… :))

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    1. Thanks, Mateo (◕‿◕)
      Much appreciated!

      The formatting of a post suffers some modifications when it’s reblogged. It happens often, that’s why it’s best to read from the source blog.

      Anyways, big thanks for letting me know ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

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