pink paint

pink would be the right choice
because the doctor said it will be a girl
He would paint the room pink and await
her coming into the world
What a blessing
How fortunate he felt
His back and sides were tingling with

He came out of the store and a
homeless woman came his way
and he was quick to say
“Sorry, no spare change right now. I spent
all I had on paint.”

“That’s all right,” said the woman. “I don’t want
your money. Actually, I was hoping you
could give me some
of your paint.”

“My paint?”

“Yeah.” She held a tin can to him

“Um, all right,” he said and opened the
can of paint and poured some into the woman’s
can. “But what do you need paint for?”

She watched him
Put the tin can to her lips
and drank the paint
“Plan Z,” she said

He wanted to say something in protest
but couldn’t even gasp
when he noticed her swollen belly

He walked away and got into the car
and drove home
and just wasn’t as eager to paint that room

65 thoughts on “pink paint

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      1. I don’t comment on all because they’re all as good as each other….good entertainment as you say……dark entertainment as I say…….seems like you’ve got plenty of time of your hands also……ah…the life of a writer

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I like to believe I’ve plenty of time on my hands, indeed

          The life of a writer has been romanticized ever since writing became a thing, but honestly, in today’s world especially, I don’t think it’s too romantic. You really gotta have a side job as well, an income. Writing alone doesn’t seem to cut it anymore (if it ever did…)


            1. Maybe I should swallow my pride and write an ‘Ode to a Flutterby’ …become a modern Bard…… who knows could even end up a Poet Laureate (genre flutterbys) …..have publishers flocking….the mind boggles…..trouble is Bogdan I’d have to work… appearances…they’d want me in a movie….nah….I’d rather stay penniless and write about Skip, Priscilla and Poet Don….no hassles….you follow me?

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Sure do, Don ╰(´꒳`)╯

              Those who are truly in love with creative arts are rarely in love with media attention. And those who are in it for the attention rarely are good at creating art.
              The most important virtue of the artist shall then be modestly 🙂


            3. I’m modest…and penniless……and happy. Who could wish for anything more? ….someone’s shouting I wanna be a star and make lotsa money….shit Bogdan… wonder society’s shot

              Liked by 1 person

  1. The composition has great shock value but then while you are fondly thinking of painting the room a welcoming pink for the new arrival, there are so many shockingly miserable and agonising things happening all around you! That is life, take it or leave it!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well said ( ⊙ ‿⊙)

      And while you’re happy and eagerly expecting that new arrival, another is surely desperate to postpone or even terminate it. Such is life and the wildly different people who live it…


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