twist the blade

she grabs a stool
and places it into the corner
of the room,
climbs on it, assumes the lotus position
and closes her eyes
and covers her ears with headphones

She faces the corner

The voice that speaks into her
headphones starts a

her father shakes his head as
he watches her
“You can’t be serious,” he says. “Are
you meditating again to ask God to make life
fair? Is that it? What happened?
Was your Uber late? Internet connection slow?

She doesn’t hear him. The voice
in her headphones says, “And twist. Remember
to always twist. If you only stab
him it’s not enough. That’s just gonna do
a little damage that can be fixed with a quick visit
to the ER. You have to twist the blade. That’s
when the significant damage happens. Twist
as much as you can. Show no mercy.
Take advantage of
the fact that he will not expect this from you.”

73 thoughts on “twist the blade

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      1. The timing of your comment! Can I ask you something Bogdan? Why do you “like” my posts? Judging by your content, I feel like you don’t like women much… at least, maybe not women who write like I do. You don’t have to follow nor read my blog (if you do read it)… and if you hadn’t, I likely wouldn’t have found yours. Anyway, I meant no harm… whatever you believe.

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        1. Oh no, not liking women who read/write is far, far from true.
          Of course none (really not a single one) of my poems are to be taken seriously and they don’t reflect the writer’s views in any way. It’s all just entertainment.

          That being said, I do have quite a lot of time on my hands lately (I have a trainee at work and they already do all the job) and I spend it (productively:)) on WordPress reading the posts of people I follow. Sure, some I only skim through, but if I open any post I also make sure to leave it a like.
          Reading random posts (sometimes merely seeing the attached pictures) makes up for a great source of inspiration. I take a simple idea and then “twist” it after my style. And that’s pretty much how it works :))

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          1. Well, I imagine your free-time usage situation is much like that of many of us, who aim to help one another on wordpress. Well it’s good to know there is no intended malice, judging by what you’ve just said, in spite of the twisting?? This kind of thing can be upsetting to sensitive readers… the watery type mainly maybe. And influential to certain readers, in an increasingly violent world. But I guess you’re intelligent enough to know that, so perhaps my saying it here is being silly. Clearly it’s a popular genre. Thanks for that explanation of process. I do appreciate your taking the time. Sincere best wishes.

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  1. Can I ask a question? Something really stood out to me while reading this beautifully written prose. Is the woman trying to have a child?

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    1. (/◕ヮ◕)/ Thank you!

      And no, the woman is not trying to have a child. I think she is just beyond fed up with her father who would not take the problems of her generation seriously and instead mocks them with every occasion.

      That’s kinda what the poem is about. An exaggerated look at the eternal conflict between generations 🙂

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  2. What a twist…
    I worry that some people will act out such things.
    Having said that, I’ve written a book called I Believed in Sorry a memoir of a domestic abuse relationship to raise awareness. ✋ I’ve not intentionally spoken about violent occurrences and verbal abuse for others to implicate but that doesn’t stop them from doing so.

    Following and please follow back


  3. Bogdan, I really enjoyed the unexpected twist in this piece. It is consistent with the fresh way you write. Keep up the great work. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Job

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