cats are a great audience for poetry readings

the cat was utterly
and downright

with him reading
mediocre poems
by her side

"You don't like this one?" he asked
"It's about nature
and birds
flying and... and... How good does
it have to be for you
to like it? I'm only ten, I haven't
lived long enough to
write poems of grief
and depravity like my father. But you
know, I'm actually aiming to become
better than him. I aim to be
a more
respected poet. What, you don't think
I'll be able to?
You think I'm just another
deluded fool? I'll show you!"

The cat stood
and stretched raising her tail
"Calm down, kid. First of all,
your daddy was no
poet. Just some drunk who spoke of
demons as he passed out
in bars. And you, you're not ten, okay?
You're just ten days
clean of meds."

"You think I should
end myself?" he asked

The cat waved a paw
at that. "Nah, just go on with the
next poem. I'll be listening
but please don't expect any
praise. It's not in my nature to
offer it, okay?"

"But... you think I'll be a great
poet one day?"

The cat closed her
eyes and offered no reply

89 thoughts on “cats are a great audience for poetry readings

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    1. Yep, you can always trust a cat with your secrets.


      Dogs are very cool too, but I wouldn’t trust them with my secrets. They get too excited too easily and tell the first being they meet :))

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  2. Cats are really good listeners …they just blink hard when we do over emotional talks with them and even if they are sitting with their eyes closed it feels they are listening intently like a wise person who would not do the talking but will listen …having raised around 10 cats from my childhood your poem feels close to my heart.🙂

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    1. Aw, thank you (・◡・)ノ

      You’re very right about cats.
      Also, I like to believe that when they blink slowly they’re communicating that you’re a person they trust to have around and even love 🙂

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      1. Yes, this is true…when you look at them and they blink hard that’s their way of communicating they trust you, and when they brush against you and do that purring they communicate love.😊

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      1. If puss gets herpes? and Cheuta comes to the rescue?…he seems pretty sincere…though the only connection I could see between your poem and his ‘rant’ (is that irreverant?) is you both share ’10 years’…I guess you could say this qualifies as a fleeting comment to your piece…then again maybe he landed on the wrong site?…..mistook yours for a religious one…..ah well Bogdan, we get all types on the blogosphere ….amen

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