smiling back at the clouds

at least the clouds are
smiling back

they have faces and
and they stare back from their
blue canvas,
down on his dirty, snot-smeared face

It’s a warm
sunny day
but the
bottom of the shallow, dry well
is cold and full
of critters

Well, no problem. The sky is so
pretty with all its smiling
faces that he
won’t even cry. He’ll stay there
and look up. Still waiting
for mother to return and
pick him up

Still waiting

Smiling back at the clouds

Still waiting

35 thoughts on “smiling back at the clouds

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  1. Oh my goodness! What an amazing poem. I love the fact that it is mainly focused on the sky as an example of nature. The sky is also one of my favourite natural things to ever exist on this Earth. It smiles indeed.🙂😍

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    1. I thought the same! I love the sky as well as its the one piece of the natural world that is always attainable to us from our window ❤ Its so easy to feel connected to the world by looking at it.

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      1. I totally agree with you on that one. “It’s so easy to feel connected to the world by looking at the sky.”💯

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