more than enough to explain by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

there was nothing
to explain here

the man’s wife told them
everything they
needed to know

Her husband wrote poetry

Yes, that would be enough
to explain why
he cut off his penis
and tried to use it
as a pen
before collapsing
on the desk,
blood pooling
at his feet below

Being a poet was
more than enough
explanation for
what he did

She didn’t need
to tell the paramedics
that her husband
had been looking
for inspiration

“He’s a poet,”
was more than

They understood

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35 thoughts on “more than enough to explain by Bogdan Dragos

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      1. And depravity. How ironic right? This is in fact true of the world as a whole right now. Hence the need to be madder and more depraved than the last person.

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  1. I like your dark sense of humour. Surely anyone who feels an uncontrollable compulsion to write poetry would relate to this piece of writing. I am going to be pedantic and ask you if you need the fourth, fifth and sixth words of the fourth stanza? Is that more wordy than necessary? Also, is the last word of that stanza over explaining? If my points are valid they are minor points, it’s a good poem.

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    1. Thanks for checking it out \(•ᴗ•)/

      I never get technical about writing poetry (that’s why I only write free verse).
      To do otherwise would feel too much like work and too little like fun, and that would kill it for me 🙂


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