raccoon by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

always cold in the north

perhaps coming here
was a
mistake after all
It's not so much the weather as
it is the ever gray sky

It favors depression

Lack of sunlight
lack of vitamin D

He walked his dog around the
and counted zero smiles
out of sixty-three faces seen
and passed by

The block was no fun
so he followed the dog into the
back alleys. It
picked up on

and the smell grew potent enough
that even he
was beginning to feel it

Not pleasant

He expected a dumpster

But found two dumpsters
and a homeless
old man huddled between
Ragged to threads
holding a dead raccoon on his lap
eating from its flesh

and bloody

Aw shit, he whispered.
Maybe this place
ain't so bad
after all

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24 thoughts on “raccoon by Bogdan Dragos

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    1. Thanks! ʕ ◉ᴥ◉ ʔ

      You know, when I read a twisted story (or watch a movie) I always like to believe that the madness is actually not out there in the world but rather it’s all in the mind of the character who interacts with the world (it even makes a lot more sense like that).

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  1. That was a surprise toward the end, as I certainly didn’t expect the raccoon of the title to show up like that. And you gave us readers another twist right after that when the narrator has a positive reaction. Then your reply to the other comment makes me wonder if the narrator imagined the scene. That adds even another layer of interesting-ness.

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  2. Wow. Visceral ending there.

    I can’t help thinking that if he had smiled at those sixty-three people, he’d have received some in return. Sometimes, we make our own moods.

    Love this poem.

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  3. I am gagging! Nothing worse than rotten raccoon breath.

    Your description of the entire walk is really good.

    “Counted zero smiles” I like this observation (stated so clean and matter of fact that Hemingway would be jealous). It captured the “favors depression” perfectly and simply.

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    1. Thank you (๑ →ܫ←)

      I guess some people aren’t really looking for company or happy things to pull themselves out of depression.
      Sometimes witnessing something crazy or weird enough to break the day to day monotony is more than enough :))

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  4. I’ve human beings eating another human’s flesh. It’s the dark side of the mind that I’ve only started to comprehend. Your poem is unusual and provoking. Loved it!

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