good boy, Kyu

this morning the pills
have not been there

top cabinet

not there

but of course the world wouldn’t explode
if he didn’t take
the pills for one day
Things were going too fine to
slip downhill now

He didn’t need the pills. It
actually was like the doctor said, the
power was inside him
The power to change
to become better
to leave the past behind. The
power was in him
And in dearest Kyu, his therapy dog,
a small corgi who needed to be walked everyday

He smiled as he thought of Kyu
called him
and Kyu came
and he put the leash on
and went outside

The rain didn’t bother either of them
Only problem during
rainy days
was the lack of other people
to socialize with
People hated rain and that was that
but not him and Kyu

They walked through the park
and the rain grew more intense
fatter drops

the little rivulets flowing on the
sides of the streets weren’t
so little anymore
This would turn out to be a total flood
better go back home

Kyu seemed to get the meaning
they turned back
and the rivulets at the sides of the street
grew more potent
and the leash grew lighter
and lighter

Gods! The rivulet carried Kyu away!

Oh God, no! Straight into the
curbside storm drain! In the sewer! Kyuuuuuu!

And there was no one on the streets
not even cars passing
He had to do something
by himself
because no one would help him
nobody ever helped him
He had to pull himself out of this ditch by
himself once

Cursing between clenched teeth
he dropped to his knees
and crawled into the
storm drain after his beloved Kyu

He landed on hard concrete and broke
his foot
so badly that
the jagged shinbone protruded through the flesh
and skin and came out like a

He screamed and cried
and cursed the day he was born
and the people in his life
and outside of it
Of course everyone would be outside of it
Nobody would be in his life
not mother
not father
not sister
What friends? He never had any of those

People were cold
people wanted to see him cry
because seeing him cry was their food
and they needed food to stay alive,
they needed to eat
and their hunger was insatiable

they should…just die actually

The dirty water showered all around him
and onto his wound
and onto his head and eyes
but he still saw it
He saw them
carrying Kyu away
dragging him by the paws
towards the darkest spot of the sewer
despite his whimpering protests

He screamed, shouted at them
but they wouldn’t listen
“Hey, you bastards, let him go!”

No, they would not let Kyu go
Words were not enough to
convince people. He had to do something.
He crawled after them
through the cold filth
with pain and determination propelling him

Oh, it was them, of course
Mother and father and sister
they were dragging Kyu away from him
just as they dragged everything away from him
This was too much
He couldn’t let this happen.
Too much!

He crawled after them
and reached for his broken shinbone
and pulled it out of the leg
and stabbed them with it
He kept stabbing at their backs
heads, their throats, their chests, their arms

“Thought you could take
everything away from me
my friends, my life, my love, my soul, my
freedom, my purpose, my way,
my choices, my health, my possibilities, and
now even him,
my dearest Kyu?
Fuck you! I won’t let you! I
won’t let you!”

and he kept stabbing
and stabbing

until that hand just wouldn’t
work anymore
and he fell with his head on Kyu
like on a pillow
as he always did
and darkness came about him

Good night,

71 thoughts on “good boy, Kyu

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  1. This is such a wonderful poem, told so beautifully. There’s such a lot in this poem, it needs reading, re-reading and thinking about – a lot – to get to the bottom of it and there’ll still, thankfully, be more to be done.
    I love it.

    Liked by 8 people

  2. You get better and better Bogdan. The ending on this is one of your best -it leaves the readers imagination spiralling in search of conclusion. How you manage to write this stuff and work as well, I can only think you have a Gemini mind like me -able to do two or more things at once.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Thank you, Tony! (๑ →ܫ←)

      That’s the secret my friend, I’m absolutely terrible at my office work, so I can be mediocre-to-good at my writing :))

      It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, as well as a gamble…

      Liked by 3 people

  3. It’s sad how medication can suppress a person’s chaotic thoughts and feelings, but there’s no actual cure for a troubled mind. I guess Kyu is a great support to his master. Hope both of them stay away from drains and flooded streets. Maybe a pill a day is a safer option. Well written as always. 🙂

    Liked by 6 people

  4. Posted a comment yesterday but it got lost somewhere. WP probably didn’t like it. Haha.
    It’s sad how a troubled mind can only seek relief in pills and medications. Treatment is a far cry from any sort of permanent cure. It’s a good thing that Kyu is a great support. I think the two should stay away from flooded streets and drains. Maybe a pill a day is a safer option.
    A longer piece this time but still wonderfully gripping. Great writing! 🙂

    Liked by 7 people

  5. Sounds like he and I have the same mother, brother, and sister, grandmother and all other family members from my past life who chose to abandon us in the cruelest ways. My present family is my life and my truest loves. My past connections are only a figment of a nightmarish imagination.

    Liked by 9 people

  6. Dang, the water he loved was the the monster that took his one last thing of happiness and yet it morphed to look like the people who wouldn’t even abide to go out in the rain… What a twisty dream!

    Liked by 8 people

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