something about smartphone addiction by Bogdan Dragos

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I liked her dad He was an interesting guy preached all day long about smartphone addiction while his daughter was on her smartphone, ignoring him “A human life,” he was saying. “Controlled by a piece of plastic with lights. A destiny completely determined by a machine designed by corporations to become god, to claim souls. How blind, how utterly and impossibly blind a whole generation of human beings can be. To willingly subject themselves to slavery like that. Their thumbs and fingers always tap-tap-tapping that screen as if trying to break their soul free from beyond. But it never happens. You cannot break a door by merely knocking on it...” “Whatever, dude,” said his daughter with the phone before her face He shook his head and then looked at me. This time I too was looking at my phone. “I see she has corrupted you too,” he said. “Shame. I…

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    1. Yeah, I remember when phones were used only to make and answer calls. Nowadays a phone is more like a computer in your pocket.
      This change, as all others, comes with both pros and cons.
      It’s up to us to make the best of ’em (・◡・)

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  1. Interesting reflection indeed, especially considering (in a fairly cynical manner) that it is made and shared on the said screens and devices which are being criticised… 😅🙏
    I’m up for a beer indeed.😀 Cheers.

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    1. 三三ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
      At least when it comes to submitting work and keeping in touch with agents/publishers we can all agree that it’s infinitely better to have smartphones (and internet) than not to have them :))

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    1. :)) You’re right.
      This seems to be a serious issue in today’s society. Parents placing all kinds of gadgets in children’s hands, and then wondering why the kids won’t let them down.
      I don’t wanna sound preachy or anything, but I think the issue stands not in giving the child the device, rather in the reason behind it. Adults give children such devices because they want to get away from them (for a time, of course), they want some alone time without having to constantly watch over their offspring.
      And this is how it all begins ◉‿◉

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      1. You are so right! That’s the beginning of the end. All parents do that and then the situation gradually slips out of their hands. It’s getting worse and worse. But I think kids are getting more demanding and stubborn. Don’t know whether there’s any resolution to this.

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    1. We sure are :))

      And I guess the solution is not to get rid of them. That wouldn’t exactly improve life. Rather, the solution seems to be in finding productive ways to use them ╰(´꒳`)╯


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