hunger is the secret ingredient

like a baby left for
and hours in a hot car
woke up
with a sweaty forehead
and a buzz
in his temples

no room to stretch

he got out
of the

in his underwear

shook his legs
and hands
rubbed the pain away from
his knees
and back of the neck

There was a bottle of water
he got from
the park fountain
among the litter in the back seat

he opened it


took a sip and swirled it
around his mouth
took another sip

that’s for dental hygiene

He put on pants and a shirt
locked the car
and walked 50 paces
to the nearest public restroom
where he removed his shirt and
washed his hairy armpits

He studied the violet circles under
his eyes in the mirror
checked his teeth
his tongue
felt for wax in his ears

put on a professional smile

went to the public
and the desk by the window was free
His smile grew brighter
as he sat down
and opened the notebook

Chapter 86 would
be next in the manuscript

He looked out the
This writer life was precisely as
romantic as he thought it’ll be

no more
no less

63 thoughts on “hunger is the secret ingredient

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    1. Thanks! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

      I always told myself that it’s worth investing one’s life into art, because it’s the one thing you can keep doing regardless of age. In something like the sports domain you can only be really good when you’re young since your performance depends on your body, but with art all you need is a restless mind and aging is no impediment.

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  1. Hunger is indeed the secret ingredient. Each writer able to let themselves write really is living the ultimate romantic life. And you write this life with such humour and so beautifully. Love it, Boggie <33 :)) xoxo

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  2. A writer is he and you gotta love his smile. One day he will have a real desk to sit to write and a real bed to lay his tired bones at night. Until then, I wish him well. Keep going, Writer ( with a capital W), you got this. xoxo

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      1. To me his smile tells me all I need to know. I like this guy. His hungry spirit will serve him well. I’m rooting for him.
        Thanks Bogdan, for making him real to me. Be well. Rooting for you too. 👏

        Liked by 3 people

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  4. Oh, the starving writer’s life, so romantic when you read about it but definitely tough to live it. Stay hungry, but only figuratively, I hope. Best of luck.

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