alive today by Bodgan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

there was a new guy in the park
among the homeless

He arrived just after the mayor had
eradicated all
the tents and improvised huts

and it was easy to spot him
He was the one who
always had a book in his hand, always

"Check out the new guy," they
said. "An intellectual. Heh, hey buddy,
what you reading that for? Not like
you gonna get a degree that'll take
your ass outta here anytime soon. Haaahahah!"

He was reading his own poems
from a time when
he was young and his dreams were
still alive

Today nothing was alive
but misery itself

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  1. Freaked me out this one Bogdan; I only was a chance encounter away to be that guy!😥 Thanks for that write. I’m not sure people realise how easy and quick it can be to slip down there… if they did they would be kinder…😓

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    1. Thanks for checking it out, Terveen!

      Sometimes (and those would be the absolute worst times) the windows to happiness show you only the past, through memories.
      ( •̩̩̩́ _ •̩̩̩̀)

      I wouldn’t wish that on anyone ever

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  2. Ohhhh… beautiful Bogdan. Brought tears to my eyes. Relatable to all (in miserable times, perhaps we’re all homeless at heart… :)) I get the surreal feeling that guy is now an unusually brilliant published poet, still mending hearts around the world, this time while looking back on his middle-past…

    Sweet travels dear friend. I know your poems are for everyone, but many of them seem to have found a permanent home in this one scrappy tin heart which refuses to let them go. Thanks for all their deep insight, light and kindness. They’re like 🌱🌱🌱

    ‘Till we meet again. 🙏😜😚😇;))😁

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