to terminate a storm by Bogdan Dragos

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It became more and more
There was a storm inside her

growing ever stronger

and she sought
to terminate it
before it was too late

It's arguably more difficult to
terminate such storms
when you're fifteen
and still living with your parents

so she decided not to
share her struggle
with them
and reached inside her
for the eye of the storm
with a steel wire she'd kept in
a bottle of hand sanitizer for a day
and a night

Yes, the first raindrops painted the
white of the bathtub

they were crimson
and salty

like her tears

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31 thoughts on “to terminate a storm by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. Definitely safer when it’s done legally, discreetly and by compassionate health care workers… hopefully this muse survives without too much permanent/horrific internal damage. Youngteen can be a challenging age… young women are often taught to be alluring but not necessarily how to prevent pregnancy nor how to be responsible teenage parents (nor how to bear the brunt of stigma if they happen to allure anybody successfully – nor how to be wise/discerning in the type of future co-parent they be alluring, nor the method by which they attempt to abort, when abortion is not a legal option). Often told one thing, but shown another, in society…

    Poignant write. The crafting of it, and the image with it is beautiful…

    “Making something illegal doesn’t make it disappear.” – (found during quick search for ‘abortion methods wire”
    It’s even remaining/re-becoming an issue in some parts of North America: (found during quick search for “safe alegal/illegal abortion methods”)

    Thanks for elevating the feed… You’re wonderful, Bogdan… :)) 🤓🌹🕊

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  2. Dealing with pain is so difficult. The heart wants to cry and the mind struggles to find an outlet. Self-harm is a silent cry for help. I wish it didn’t have to reach this stage. But sometimes, nothing really helps. Unfortunate.
    Well written. Emotional…

    Liked by 1 person

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