Major Decisions by Bogdan Dragos

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A young man wearing gray standing and leaning face forward against a gray wall
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you know you’re depressed when

the window in your room

looks better with the

blinds on

than with a clear view of the outside

“But I’m all right,” he said

to himself

Beyond the thin wall

he heard wheezing breath and grunts

and moans. His roommate

was living the college life, alright.

Kid kept saying it is game that gets

you girls and not money or looks. Sure, but

it’s easy to say that

when your dad just

casually drops the keys to a brand new BMW

when he visits.

Meanwhile he’s been bartending for

the last eight years, since he turned twenty. Maybe

dropping out of college wasn’t

the greatest of ideas. Neither

was breaking up

with the only girl who cared for him. He

knew she cared for him because

she wouldn’t stop nagging him

to go back to college. Because

she wanted a life

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    1. Aw, thank you, Terveen! (˃́ᗜ˂̀๑)

      Nowadays, the more I write, the more clear it becomes that the price of good writing is bad and very bad writing. Meaning, you have to write about 8-12 bad poems to reach 1-2 good ones, and so on. Therefore, the secret is (obviously enough) to keep pushing even through trash. And that’s it
      (๑ →ܫ←)

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