she looks up at me with 
eyes hidden, almost locked,
thick bars of hair
that reaches all the way to 
her small nose

Hair discolored like
dry straw,
second in paleness only
to her ghostly face

She doesn’t stare too much
because there 
are other things to see
in the room

She moves 
on. Not 
knowing that I also stared
at her. Into her soul

I’ve spotted an unquenched
cry there

The easiest to
recognize is the cry of loss
and that’s what I saw there

paired with
the cry of want

She wants to get away
from here
Far, far away. She wants to go
and never stop. Wants
to travel into 

and I’d like to
take her 

But alas,
I am stuck here onto
this wall

frozen in time

I'm a static 

And my cold
void of any vibration
will never reach her

I have to make my peace
with it. Yeah, some
people just don’t read
poetry. And even if
they do, what are the chances 
they’d read mine? 

Wow, what a fool I can be at times
But, well, at least
I have my dreams
and myself to laugh at 

You don’t need much else
in eternity

27 thoughts on “static

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  1. Compassion is a difficult paint to wield genuinely and effectively. Indeed, much more common are the pens of resentment, mockery and self-pity. I really struggle with that personally — and with taking things personally! My own hair looks like straw and my heart is filled with want 😆 so this one resonated with me. Great writing!

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    1. ⊂(♡ω♡)⊃ Thank you, Lia!

      If I remember right, I stated writing this one while thinking about how a lot of times the reader sees meanings that the writer didn’t even have in mind while writing. That’s a good thing. It shows that as a writer, your subconscious mind was in charge of the creative process. Creative writing can, in time, become just like when you’re getting into your car and then suddenly find yourself at your destination. You didn’t have to consciously think about the act of driving, it was all taken care of by your subconscious mind, like breathing.

      P.S. If I were you I’d really not struggle with any of those. You’re an objectively great poet and undoubtedly a wonderful human being too! ・ᴗ・

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      1. What a gorgeously kind comment to read. Huge, many thanks Bogdan!! And I so agree with your analysis of process! The best poems I feel I write come from the true and unfiltered subconscious! (But then I judge my feelings later – not very helpful. :)) Thank you for the wonderful encouragement!!! And I feel the same about you and your work too. :)) xoxo

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  2. Beautifully written….

    “Yeah, some people just don’t read poetry. And even if they do, what are the chances they’d read mine? ”
    This is what goes in my brain all the time!
    Specially on days like these when I dont have any ideas or anything, which I can write out of, oe do anu thing as such…😔

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