keeping that spark by Bogdan Dragos

he deliberately chose the nastiest sound for the alarm clock Zeeeehhweeeehhchhh and there it went again Every four hours. Announcing that he had to start the engine again lest he froze to death The phone had 17% battery left. He would need to visit the library again for a recharge but it was becoming increasingly […]

keeping that spark by Bogdan Dragos

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  1. Yeah, why doesn’t it rhyme, Bogdan? And why are the lines so choppy? I must not be a man of writing… 😁 I can’t wait for you to make your first movie.

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    1. ( ʘ‿ʘ )ノ
      Oh, when I first got into poetry I wrote rhyming verses…
      I even tried to submit some for publication. Thank goodness they were rejected. Wouldn’t wanna have those tied to my name today :))
      They were just… bad. The cringy type of bad.
      Then I realized rhyming poetry is awesome, but it’s not for me 😅
      I’m glad I didn’t quit writing altogether though. I just switched to the free verse and stuck to it ever since.

      Honestly, the greatest challenge with rhyme stands not in finding it, but in making it not sound pretentious. Some people can do it. Not I 😁

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      1. lol! Ahh, pretentiousness…That’s my specialty! Maybe I was born with it.

        But you’re right. Rhyme is out of style. Don’t stress, your verse is quite efficient.
        You’re more of a magician. Building visions into thin air

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    1. Big thanks, Lia! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

      I often aim for wholesome poems and end up writing gritty ones. With this one it was quite the opposite. Maybe I should try this more often…


      1. Very cool to know that… Most days I’m afraid to read your poems, peeking between fingers. :)) (seriously though… :)). But I’m afraid of a lot of things lately. Or maybe I always was. I dunno.

        I used to daily “feel the fear and do it anyway,” creatively. These days, less so. And if I publish something quickly, like I used to, when I have time to reflect on it later, while doing other things, it doesn’t feel “good enough” or comprehensible, and then I want to make it disappear. Issues.

        Anyway, lovely and inspiring work.

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        1. Oh, I can relate to that. Whenever I look back at my older stuff I can’t help thinking that it could’ve been so much better.
          But then I realize that all I can do is exist in the present and look to the future. Let the fear/anxiety of what’s to come in the future overshadow the regret/depression of what has been in the past. And from here… As you say, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. There’s no better approach.

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          1. Wise and wonderful. And smile-inducing textmojis as always. :)) Exactly what I was thinking when taking a glimpse outside, a few moments ago (not meaning to be ironic :))… the present is where it’s at. 👍💗

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