Something Not Even Jesus Could Forgive by Bogdan Dragos

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A woman with crimson eyes and red makeup around her eyes and red streaks running down her cheeks, and a red balloon held in front of her mouth
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she hadn’t been his wife

because her religious family would never

allow their sweet treasure

to marry a lowlife like him

But she had been his girlfriend because

she needed to rebel

against her family somehow

But very little of that mattered now

She was no longer among

the living

and it was her own choice

Enforced by two fistfuls of pills

and half a bottle of 65% proof vodka

Her family was beginning

to forget her


Suicide was something not even Jesus could


“I’m stronger than Jesus himself then!”

he shouted in the

hand mirror she left behind

at his place. “I forgive you! And I

still love you.”

He smashed the hand mirror against the wall

and knelt amongst the


They watched him from below

with crimson eyes

Eyes that reminded him of hers when she was

crying in his arms,


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  1. Justifying hatred and closemindedness with spiritual and godly reasons is not the fault of the Supreme Power but the warped interpretations of humans themselves. Nothing good can ever come of this. 🙂

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