Most Subjective Industry of All by Bogdan Dragos

Chewers & Masticadores // Editora: Nolcha Fox

The bust shot of suggestive pose of a young woman covered in different colored paint with a a multicolored wig on her head
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“Some poets are lucky,” he said. “And

others simply aren’t.

Remember, as long as we talk

about the publishing


it’s all about luck.

Like, yeah, go ahead and name

one, just one industry

that is more subjective, or just

as subjective as

the publishing industry. I bet

you can’t.”

“Um, fashion industry?” I said

“Fashion bullshit,” he said.

“You’re not even close. Had you any

knowledge you’d know

the fashion industry is actually

not subjective at all. You just

gotta look skinny as a patient

who went through their

36th appointment for chemotherapy and

you’re good. You’ve made it

in the industry. Beauty is not

even a requirement. You just gotta be

skinny as fuck

and with plain features. Kinda like a

hanger that people

hang clothes on. Nothing more.

A well dressed scarecrow

can make it in the fashion industry.”

He turned to the side

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3 thoughts on “Most Subjective Industry of All by Bogdan Dragos

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    1. Thanks! (=•́ܫ•̀=)

      Yeah, I guess the supermodels are starving themselves to skeletons and writers are writing themselves to insanity (or out of it). They all struggle to make it into the industry, but not all make it :))


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