The Watcher by Bogdan Dragos

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the bartender was displeased with him and the patrons didn't like him much either He was the sickly, slender man who came at opening time and sat at the table by the window, watching the people outside he sat there until closing time problem was, he occupied that seat for so many hours in a row with only one drink usually a cognac sometimes he would mix all sorts of pills in it and wait for them to dissolve some did others didn't Regardless, he sipped at his drink and watched the people outside and spoke to nobody and seemed never to be bothered by noise, like he was deaf and the days passed and the weeks went by and he'd show up without fail When they did talk about him they called him The Watcher and speculated about his mental illness However, when I went to the bar myself…

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13 thoughts on “The Watcher by Bogdan Dragos

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      1. I’m sure I’ve said it all before… but I much admire your writing style, your keen talent, consistent output and professional but warm work ethic… And thank you. <33 :)) I'd missed you all very much too… couldn't seem to moderate my time offline 😩

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  1. The perfect ‘I don’t see you – You don’t see me’ situation. Your writing slips away from the reader’s secure grip. The surprise stays once the words are over. Great poem with that awesome twist. 🙂

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