“she speaks the language of blood” — POEM featured in Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 1

Issue 1 of “Suburban Witchcraft Magazine” is now live!
((๑´ᗜ`) isn't the cover absolutely stunning? Wait till you see the rest of the artwork inside!)

And I have the honor to be featured in it with a poem titled "she speaks the language of blood".

Give it a read HERE!

( ✪ワ✪)ノ Thank you very much! 

20 thoughts on ““she speaks the language of blood” — POEM featured in Suburban Witchcraft Magazine Issue 1

Add yours

  1. Its amazing! Congrats, Bogdan! Your fantasy is like sea, sometimes blue and slowly lazy sunny waves, but sometimes you are dark storm in deep ocean, rising dust from the bottom and monsters come out!Wow! I enjoy it! And cover is really great! Like Dave Mckean;)

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  2. Congratulations Bogdan! After reading this, if I weren’t a writer myself, I’d pray never to cross paths with a writer. I can see that bloody ear and the dazed defiance in the writer’s eyes. An interview like this one somehow doesn’t seem odd. Haha! That’s because all writers are cuckoo in the head. A great piece! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading it, Terveen!

      I guess the writers that aren’t at least a bit cuckoo in the head are the writers we never hear about. They don’t make waves, so to say :))

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  3. Congratulations, I bet the interviewer in your poem was glad to get out there. Your writer was a bit to forthcoming with his obsession. Great poem and well-written as always. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

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