Heaven in a Hole in the Wall by Bogdan Dragos

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the soul-crushing loneliness can

only be matched by the

soul-crushing company of

shitty people

Is there even a middle

path anymore?

He asked this question to

the hole he punched

in the wall of his bedroom

It was now an empty bedroom

after his lover

left days ago to be with some coworker

or something

The hole he punched in

the wall

told him, “She left because of me.”

“What?” he said. “Cuz of you? Why the

fuck would she leave

because of a hole in the wall? Does

she think I’m fucking

the hole in the wall or what?”

“Oh, you know how it is

with women,” said the hole in the wall. “To

find out that you punch holes through

the wall is like finding out

you have a child from a previous

relationship. They don’t

want a man with that kind of baggage.”

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12 thoughts on “Heaven in a Hole in the Wall by Bogdan Dragos

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        1. …welp, now I gotta sit back and imagine what Buddha would write if he wrote poems with themes like I do…

          It’s good food for thought at 01:06 in the night (working my night shift here…)

          Liked by 1 person

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