mother forbade feeding the poor thing

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By Bogdan Dragos

there was a dog outside and it kept barking for some reason Ah yes, it was chained and the chain was terribly short and the poor animal was hungry Mother wouldn’t bother feeding it No, mother wanted it to die because it had been father’s dog, inherited along with the house after father died Mother forbade feeding the poor thing Her child stood next to the window and listened to the poor thing barking outside It was better than listening to mother drinking and talking ugly words with her boyfriends He opened the window and the dog saw him immediately and barked at him He wanted to cry Tried talking to the creature but it wouldn’t listen. It kept barking “Mother would cut my hand off if she caught me stealing food for you.” But he was a smart kid He leaned over the window and thrust…

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11 thoughts on “mother forbade feeding the poor thing

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      1. Hmm, it’s is what it is… They just don’t want to change and now there helpless. They just can’t change…
        (Fortunately, i don’t know any like that.. for now I guess, but yeah😅)

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        1. (’へ ’) Yeah, I agree. Not knowing a parent like that is extremely fortunate.

          Also, despite writing about it, I also never knew any like that in real life (at least not in my family). It’s all just fiction and it should stay like that :))

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