Azi m-am apucat de scris


There were times
when I got
threw my backpack in the corner
took off my shoes
my jacket
walked into my room
took off my pants, my shirt
put on sweatpants, another shirt
turned on the PC
ate a bag of salty potato chips
drank whatever I could
wasted time

I was happy in those times

Today I write. 

MasticadoresRumanía Editora: Manuela Timofte

de Bogdan Dragoș

Erau vremuri
în care ajungeam acasă,
îmi aruncam ghiozdanul într-un colț
al camerei,
îmi dădeam jos papucii,
intram în cameră,
îmi dădeam jos pantalonii, tricoul,
trăgeam pe mine ceva 
pantaloni din ăia largi, alt tricou,
porneam calculatorul,
desfăceam o pungă de cipsuri,
beam ce puteam
și pierdeam vremea.

Eram fericit
în acele vremuri.

Azi însă,
m-am apucat de scris.

Imagine de Gordon Johnson de la Pixabay

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17 thoughts on “Azi m-am apucat de scris

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      1. I will not stop. Now, I have a secret confession. I love first person shooter games and I type with a gaming keyboard because of this. The return time of these keys seems to have me ever missing keys for whatever reason.

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        1. Here’s my confession:
          I always loved gaming (mostly RPGs), but I never had a PC that could handle it very well. So instead I started writing to make up for the escapism video games can offer.
          ꒰· ◡· ꒱

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          1. I am actually making a game on the new Unreal 5 engine… slowly, so when I purchased and built this PC a year ago I was distracted away from my writing along with my divorce. I am back doing both now because I can’t let one love end another, but the PC was wallet braking.

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            1. Wah, that sounds cool!

              I know a lot of people who harbor that dream, but never really started working on it. The main obstacle is a good enough PC, I guess :))

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            2. I used to make maps for games like Quake 2 back in the early 2000’s and that is what got me interested. Now, having the basic coding knowledge and Harvard’s free courses of c++ is all one really needs because of what Epic Games did with the release of Unreal Engine 4 & 5. I built the PC myself for around 2k before the semiconductor issues, but it is probably overkill. It is achievable, more so now than at any time before.

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  1. Exactly,same time as me. Its long way to understand… so now WE know.
    It was good time..BUT. Maybe its the part of the experience…and after that You write Your amazing poems! Be still Yours,creative and unique!

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