Ouija board by Bogdan Dragos

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Well, when you’re desperate you’re… “Me,” he said He was alone in the room and lonely enough to have bought one of those Ouija boards from some old woman who called herself a medium It was time to try it out All he hoped for was a sexy ghost that would haunt him, maybe hurt him a bit, he wouldn’t mind Anything just to take away the soul-crushing loneliness Anything! He said the prayers exactly as the medium instructed and did the breathing exercises and was ready to use the board he moved the piece to spell HELLO got no answer Looked around the room Nothing Again, he spelled HELLO. IS ANYONE HERE? ANYONE AT ALL? ARE YOU FEMALE? Nothing Nothing new at least. Only more loneliness and more frustration and lower down the rabbit hole of misfits he slipped WELL FUCK YOU! he spelled and jammed the pointy side…

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